Consulting Services

In the design of a reinforced concrete structure, governing standards typically require that the structural components be proportioned according to the results of linear elastic analyses of force distribution while adhering to all other governing specifications. The design thus achieved normally meets strength and serviceability criteria, albeit perhaps not most efficiently. During the life of the structure, however, situations may arise where a more accurate assessment of the structure's strength and expected behavior is required. This is particularly true in instances where errors were made in the original design or construction, or where the structure requires repair, rehabilitation or requalification to newer and more stringent code requirements. Concerns may relate to cracking and deformation under service loads, safety and functionality under extreme or accident loads, ultimate load capacity, ductility and energy dissipation capacity or collapse mechanisms. To address such concerns, advanced nonlinear methods of analysis must be employed. The use of such methods requires a high level of judgement, expertise, and experience.

VecTor Analysis Group professionals have served as consultants on numerous projects in which our analysis software was used in providing expert assessment on the safety and performance of structures. Past consulting projects have included: nuclear power plant buildings, highway and rail bridges, subway tunnels, wind turbine foundations, heavy industrial buildings, silos, crash barriers, and components of residential and institutional buildings.

Consultations can be tailored to the client’s preference: by working cooperatively with the client’s technical team, by providing technical guidance only as required, or by undertaking an independent assessment and providing a third-party opinion. Whether to address concerns regarding an existing structure or to explore improved designs for a planned structure, our experience and expertise may be an asset to you. To discuss your project further, contact us at